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What I Love


Being a digital media and gameday host for the New York Mets is a dream, and the latest in my 15+ years covering sports. I also cover the NBA, NHL, NFL, and sports betting for MSG Networks, used to host a live daily talk show on FOX Sports San Diego, done radio and TV play-by-play, and worked with some of the biggest names in the game, like LeBron James, Mark McGwire, and the U.S. Women’s National Soccer Team.

Pop Culture

Whether it’s taking a medieval combat class in 80 pounds of steel armor for a Game of Thrones season preview; interviewing stars like Snoop Dogg, the Bella Twins, and Jerry Seinfeld; or covering events like the Oscars and Grammys, I hope everybody watching geeks out on movies, music, TV, and celebs as much as I do.

Anything Fun

I’ve hosted a live wild animal show; cheetahs, alligators, everything. I created a whole web series trying out crazy celebrity habits and routines; Mark Wahlberg’s 2:30 AM wakeups are NOT for everybody. I’ve eaten so many foods on tape, I’d be 10 pounds lighter if I picked a different career. I’m the kind of host willing to try anything on camera. If I’m having fun doing it, I hope you’re having fun watching.

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About Mike

An accomplished host, producer, and writer, Mike currently serves as a digital media and gameday stadium host for the New York Mets, host/writer for MSG Networks, Billboard News, The Hollywood Reporter, and the American Kennel Club, and emcee/moderator for the National Basketball Strength Coaches Association, AdExchanger Awards, Folio Awards, and other live events.

He’s also a media coach for aspiring on-air talent through his Mike Janela Media company.

Before all that, Mike hosted and produced live shows and video packages for the digital media brand LittleThings. With distribution on Facebook Live and various OTT platforms, the shows played to both the 13+ million fans LittleThings had on Facebook and many more on Smart TV apps of all kinds.

Before THAT, Mike hosted and produced an hour-long panel talk show for the San Diego Padres called Padres Social Hour, broadcast live on FOX Sports San Diego and Padres.com. The seven-day-a-week show covered the latest in Padres baseball, MLB news and notes, and lots of stories outside the world of sports, with fans able to interact and ask questions live via social media. Guests ran the gamut from baseball legends like Mark McGwire and Dave Winfield to entertainment icons like actor Mark-Paul Gosselaar and rapper Snoop Dogg.


Prior to heading West, Mike hosted daily news and pop culture videos for short-form digital video distributor Zazoom Media Group, having worked on the company’s Buzz60 flagship brand and leading its 80Twelve white-label product, with a focus on sports, entertainment, and trending topics. His responsibilities included hosting, scripting, editing, production, talent management, and directing multiple videos per day.

He also hosts Living the Damn Dream — available anywhere you listen to podcasts — with actress and host Sarah Pribis, discussing what it’s like to make it as talent in media. Click on the show thumbnail for links on where to listen.

From 2009-14, Mike traveled the world as a judge and media personality for Guinness World Records. He also returned to GWR as a traveling adjudicator in 2018, having judged everything from the largest meatball to the longest marathon playing guitar.

While with GWR, Mike made his mark on the entertainment world doing everything from interviewing legendary record breakers like Vanna White to riding along on historic feats like an unprecedented Panama Canal surfboard crossing. Other record breakers Mike got to work with include LeBron James, Kelly Ripa, world’s shortest woman Jyoti Amge, and this late, great game show legend and childhood hero you might recognize.


During his time as GWR spokesman, Mike appeared on Today, Good Morning America, and Jimmy Kimmel Live!, with other appearances on MTV, FOX, ESPN and dozens of other national, cable, digital, and local news networks.

Mike’s digital videos have attracted more than 100 million views, while he’s also been profiled by ESPN.com and Business Insider.

Mike also has experience in live events, among them co-hosting Gillette’s “Shave & Kiss” campaign launch in Manhattan’s Time Warner Center with Brooklyn Decker, emceeing GMDC’s annual global vendors retreat, moderating the San Diego Padres Social Media Summit, and serving as host and moderator of the National Basketball Strength Coaches Association’s annual convention in Chicago.

He’s even been known to emcee a wedding or two and you might find him hosting a trivia night at your local bar once in awhile.

Back in the day, Mike served as a play-by-play commentator and studio host for the Villanova Wildcats, Hickory Crawdads, and UNC Greensboro Spartans, after starting his career as a newspaper sports reporter with The Home News (N.J.) Tribune.

Mike grew up in New Jersey and graduated from Syracuse University with a degree in broadcast journalism. He once won $150,000 and the bonus vacation on ABC’s The $100,000 Pyramid, becoming the first player to ever do that. Which was cool. And after getting to appear on Jeopardy! in 2014, he got to actually return and play as a contestant in 2022. He lost to a future 20+ game-winning champ. Which wasn’t SO cool. But still extremely cool!

He’s been to 45 countries, all 50 states, 29 MLB teams’ stadiums, and swears he’s not too old to love professional wrestling.

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Talent Coaching

In addition to hosting himself, Mike offers coaching services to aspiring talent through his Mike Janela Media company.


Feedback on reels and resumes, 1-on-1 live coaching sessions, masterclasses with other successful hosts in the business, on-demand lessons and courses: it’s all there to help hosts of any kind get better.


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