2017 Year in Review: Ep. 66

Mike’s buddy Rudner returns for the second annual #JanelaShow Awards, recapping all of 2017. There’s hardware for everything from Movie of the Year and Most WTF Moment (2017 had a lot!) to Rookie of the Year, Biggest Bust and, of course, the MVP of 2017. We promise it’s the only podcast to hit Donald Trump, MoviePass, Cardi B and Jose Altuve all in the same episode.

FanRag’s Jesse Spector (Pt. 2): Ep. 63

In part two of a two-part episode, sportswriter Jesse Spector chats about “sticking to sports:” why he’s so politically vocal on Twitter, if he’s afraid an outlet wouldn’t hire him because he’s so outspoken, and the double standard of certain sports media members not touching politics at all. Plus, the Fun 5! Including: which athlete would he most want to see make a run in the WWE?