Look at My Fancy New Sports Reel

Olympic gold medalists. MLB Hall of Famers. WWE superstars. Me eating 6 lbs of Chipotle┬áin a single day – my new sports reel has it all!

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I’m Pulling Extra Hard for Two People These Olympics

I love the Olympics. I remember watching them for the first time on TV for Barcelona ’92. I interned for NBC at the winter Torino Games in ’06. I even took a “History of the Olympics” course in college.

So I’m stoked to be watching all the coverage coming out of PyeongChang this winter. But I’m pulling for two athletes in particular.

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Gold Medals, Kittens, and Comedy

Time for a little round-up of what I’ve been up to lately! A lot has gone down the last couple weeks, including getting to meet Olympic gold medalist Laurie Hernandez, playing with some kittens from Hannah “The Kitten Lady” Shaw, and learning about life on tour with comedian Steve Hofstetter.

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