New York Mets host Neha Joy: Ep. 75

What doesn’t Neha Joy do? In her first ever podcast, the talented media personality tells us what to expect from her new Time Inc. show The Breakdown, takes us behind the scenes of a typical day hosting for the Mets at Citi Field, and settles once and for all whether you’re “on” Long Island or “in” Long Island.

You’ll also find out what media personality she’s most jealous of. And it’s not me.

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This is the Thirstiest Group of MLB Playoff Teams We’ve Seen in a While

Thanks to teams like the Cubs, Blue Jays, and my dear Mets, this year’s MLB postseason has a lot of teams breaking playoff droughts.

When you add that to the World Series dry spells a lot of these teams are on, it’s shaping up to be a bunch of desperate squads playing this postseason. Watch the video to find out just how desperate.