Royal Rumble preview with SI’s Justin Barrasso: Ep. 69

He covers the WWE and pro wrestling for Sports Illustrated, and he’s got a lot to say about RAW 25 and the Royal Rumble. Justin Barrasso took some time from breaking scoops and working sources to talk about one of the busiest WWE weeks in a long time.

He has picks for who should win the Rumble, who will win it, what he liked at RAW 25 and what could’ve been better. The most interesting part of our talk to me, though, was why he doesn’t want Daniel Bryan to return to the ring at this year’s Rumble.

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Reacting to WWE Money in the Bank


In addition to hosting The Mike Janela Show, I also co-host a weekly pro wrestling podcast with my partner Betsy Struxness. Normally we focus on the company’s most divisive superstar, Roman Reigns. But this week — after WWE made the egregious mistake of allowing a male character decide its historic and first-ever women’s Money in the Bank ladder match — we spent the bulk of our episode talking about much more serious issues: equality for the sexes; our country’s political climate; the drawbacks of capitalism; and even American national identity. All this from a “fake” sport!

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