Tony Awards for “The Hollywood Reporter”

For like 25 years, the only Broadway show I’d ever seen was C.A.T.S. — which I went to on a sixth grade field trip.

But since I moved to New York back in 2010, I’ve actually gotten really into theater…when I can afford tickets or go for free, obviously. In just the last couple months, I’ve seen Aladdin, A Bronx Tale, Frozenand Hamiltonso yeah, I’m on a bit of kick.

Which made it really cool to cover the Tony Awards for The Hollywood Reporter. From Robert De Niro F-bombs to Mean Girls making the kind of history no show wants, here’s everything you need to know from the biggest night on Broadway.

If anybody’s got the Springsteen on Broadway hookup, there’s a comments section right under this k thanks.

Skylar Astin: Ep. 78

Courtesy Instagram/SkylarAstin

He’s the biggest guest in show history and talking about a lot more than Pitch Perfect. Skylar Astin shares how he was guilted into doing the pod (2:45), the only times he doesn’t like taking pictures with fans (9:17), when he knew acting was his meal ticket (18:45), what’s most fun between theater/TV/movies (28:12), breaking his own golden rule to meet Anna Camp (35:44), and if Anna watches WWE with him (42:22). Then the guys trade their drunkest stories (52:43) and Skylar answers the Fun Five (57:51).

Listen and you’ll learn fun facts like the first wedding Skylar ever attended was “Macho Man” Randy Savage to Miss Elizabeth.

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New reels for 2018!

I had a lot of free time the last month between traveling and the holidays, and knew I’d be spending a lot of it sitting on planes or trains and having already watched every movie/TV show out there.

So I decided to go through my video archives and whip up a few different new reels for the new year. Check ’em out and let me know what you think. Like, here’s proof I’ll try pretty much anything on camera.

Keep reading to watch me work in sports, entertainment, and interviews. ::Stefon from SNL voice:: You’ll find Snoop Dogg, the Rockettes, and even Zack Morris.

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The Mike Janela Show: Episode 15 – ICM’s Courtny Catzel


Is being a TV and movie agent as much fun as Ari Gold makes it seem? Courtny Catzel of ICM Partners talks about making it in Hollywood, watching her clients succeed, and hobnobbing with the Lady Gagas of the world.

Plus: Courtny’s lived in L.A. for six years — has she ever ridden the Metro?

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Music for The Mike Janela Show provided by Grapes’ “I Dunno.” Make sure to check his work out here.