Tony Awards for “The Hollywood Reporter”

For like 25 years, the only Broadway show I’d ever seen was C.A.T.S. — which I went to on a sixth grade field trip.

But since I moved to New York back in 2010, I’ve actually gotten really into theater…when I can afford tickets or go for free, obviously. In just the last couple months, I’ve seen Aladdin, A Bronx Tale, Frozenand Hamiltonso yeah, I’m on a bit of kick.

Which made it really cool to cover the Tony Awards for The Hollywood Reporter. From Robert De Niro F-bombs to Mean Girls making the kind of history no show wants, here’s everything you need to know from the biggest night on Broadway.

If anybody’s got the Springsteen on Broadway hookup, there’s a comments section right under this k thanks.

Broadway veteran Betsy Struxness: Ep. 53

She was an original cast member of Hamilton. She’s performed in WickedMatildaMemphis and so many more shows. Not to mention guest spots on Louie and Broad City. Actress, performer, and fellow pro wrestling nerd Betsy Struxness tells me all about life on the Great White Way.

What’s Lin-Manuel Miranda’s personal nickname for her? How was it meeting Barack Obama – twice? When does a performer know it’s time to leave a show for good? Betsy answers all!

You can find Betsy on InstagramTwitter, and Facebook, and read a piece she recently wrote for The Ensemblist about the importance of ensembles on Broadway. You can, of course, also follow me on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and Snapchat.

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Check Out My New Wrestling Podcast: “Believe That”

Believe That

I absolutely love pro wrestling, and I’m not ashamed to admit I dedicate anywhere from 5-10 hours a week watching it in some way.

Well now, with a very successful Broadway performer and fellow fan as co-host, I’m proud to announce my latest project: a weekly wrestling podcast focusing entirely on one performer – WWE’s Roman Reigns.

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