Some Mets First Half Highlights

It’s been awhile since I’ve posted anything, but that’s what happens when you’re working every Mets game, hosting other gigs on the side, and just trying to not be anywhere near a computer when it’s 90 degrees outside.

But now, before the Mets start their second-half home schedule, feels like a good time to get back to the site here. Figured I’d share my 10 favorite pictures from the first half of the season and a little story from each. And if you’d like to see all this stuff when it happens, just throw me a follow on Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook.

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And I’ll try to post more here, I promise!

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend’s Danny Jolles: Ep. 87


What a few months it’s been for comedian Danny Jolles, who talks about his character George and the final season of Crazy Ex-Girlfriend (6:20), his late-night debut on Stephen Colbert (21:18), and getting to celebrate his Washington Capitals winning the Stanley Cup, which he talks about in the Fun Five (39:40).

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A New Hosting Reel

Even without consistent work lately, it’s been an eventful six months. So I decided to update my reel. You might’ve heard: I made a pretty big national TV appearance. Also spent a lot of time working on personal projects like Day in Their Life and Mike in a Minute. Hope you like it.

But seriously, if you know anyone who needs a host — like, I’m pretty available.

Day In Their Life: Emmys Host Michael Che

He’s co-hosting the 2018 Emmys, but Saturday Night Live writer/Weekend Update anchor Michael Che’s life this summer consisted of a lot of stand-up touring. So I tried a New York open mic. Video of the full 7-minute set is available to the highest bidder.

Check out the whole series, including videos on Cristiano Ronaldo, Oprah, and WWE’s Braun Strowman. Then let me know who I should profile next on Twitter @mikejanela.