Tinkerbelle the Dog owner Sam Carrell: Ep. 90


Her dog has almost 200K Instagram followers, been the face of campaigns for Ralph Lauren, Swiffer, and Febreze, and stopped Taylor Swift in the middle of a concert for a kiss this summer. Tinkerbelle the Dog’s “momager” Sam Carrell explains why Tinkerbelle’s gotten so famous, how lucrative the celebrity dog industry can be (very!), and shares tips on making your pet go viral.

Plus, find out what the “hot dog test” is and how it could be keeping your pet from making you rich.

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Mike and the Monster Croc Wrangler

Recently got to shoot a few segments with NatGeo Wild’s Monster Croc Wrangler himself, Matt Wright. He’s taller, handsomer, Australianer, and a lot more chill around alligators than me. Take a look at all the animals from Down Under he introduced me to.

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New reels for 2018!

I had a lot of free time the last month between traveling and the holidays, and knew I’d be spending a lot of it sitting on planes or trains and having already watched every movie/TV show out there.

So I decided to go through my video archives and whip up a few different new reels for the new year. Check ’em out and let me know what you think. Like, here’s proof I’ll try pretty much anything on camera.

Keep reading to watch me work in sports, entertainment, and interviews. ::Stefon from SNL voice:: You’ll find Snoop Dogg, the Rockettes, and even Zack Morris.

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