Meeting More Mets

It was beyond weird having a baseball season with no fans in 2020. On a personal level, no fans meant no work for me with the New York Mets this year, because my main job as a gameday stadium host is providing on-camera information and entertainment to everyone at Citi Field.

*Also infuriating because it served as a daily reminder we as a country did almost everything we could to not get a global pandemic we knew was coming under control, but I digress.

And not being able to connect with the fans at live baseball really sucked.

But the good news is, I’m now bringing you Mets content in whole new ways. This offseason, we’ve started a weekly YouTube series (also available on the Mets Facebook and Twitter pages) catching up with some former Mets to relive their glory days in Queens: from the sublime (Mike Baxter on his no-hitter saving catch for Johan Santana) to the goofy (Edgardo Alfonzo admitting he had no idea who The Fonz was when everybody started calling him that).

That playlist above will keep updating as new interviews get added, so check it out and follow me @MikeJanela on Twitter, or the Mets on social for whenever new ones drop. I hope you like watching the talks as much as I love having them.

What do you think?

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