New podcast!

I’m back in the podcast game. And this time, I’m bringing a friend.

Actress and host Sarah Pribis and I have launched our new weekly show Living the Damn Dream. It’s a show about how to make it — or not — in media. We’ve both been very successful in show business, but also have, and continue to, really struggle at times.

So every episode we’ll share some of the funniest, most outrageous, and memorable behind-the-scenes stories from working with celebrities, on movie sets, in the sports world, and more. Plus share our biggest tips for anyone trying to follow in our footsteps.

Here’s where you can listen:

And if you’re so inclined (please be so inclined!), drop a rating and/or a review wherever you listen because those really help us out. But only if they’re nice. Also, subscribe so you never miss a new episode.

The first episode is Sarah telling us how a butthole brush got her on Ellen so, these are the kinds of stories you don’t want to miss.

What do you think?

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