Tony Awards for “The Hollywood Reporter”

For like 25 years, the only Broadway show I’d ever seen was C.A.T.S. — which I went to on a sixth grade field trip.

But since I moved to New York back in 2010, I’ve actually gotten really into theater…when I can afford tickets or go for free, obviously. In just the last couple months, I’ve seen Aladdin, A Bronx Tale, Frozenand Hamiltonso yeah, I’m on a bit of kick.

Which made it really cool to cover the Tony Awards for The Hollywood Reporter. From Robert De Niro F-bombs to Mean Girls making the kind of history no show wants, here’s everything you need to know from the biggest night on Broadway.

If anybody’s got the Springsteen on Broadway hookup, there’s a comments section right under this k thanks.

One thought on “Tony Awards for “The Hollywood Reporter”

  1. I grew up going to see musicals in the theatre. They were mainly musicals on tour.

    Elementary School= Beauty and the Beast, Seussical the Musical, Cats, and Lion King (don’t remember seeing any of these)

    Middle School= well this section was important. At age 12 in 2006, my mom and I went to NYC. For part of that trip, the two of us saw Wicked on Broadway and little did I know that the musical would change me “for good”. It would spark my love for musicals. My favorite song at the time was “Popular”. I also saw Wicked on touring 2008 (I think), 2013, and 2016. Starting in Middle School because of Wicked, I began to understand the emotional and complex side of musicals. Wicked actually sparked my love for musicals.

    Fast Forward to 1st year of college= it was December 2012, I saw the musical movie of Les Mis. I was a bit shocked and confused that it was a tragedy. I wasn’t quite used to that part of musicals. I knew musicals had sad moments before, but didn’t know musicals could be tragic so I really didn’t know how respond. So by the end, I did not know if I liked it or not, but started researching it anyway. Anyway, March 2013, gave Les Mis a 2nd chance and I began to understand that Les Mis is a really good musical and started to understand it makes you feel uplifted and started to love characters and by summer 2013, I was obsessed with musicals. Les Mis turned my love of musicals into a a passion.

    Beauty and the Beast, Newsies, Rent, Fiddler on the Roof, Phantom of the Opera, Pippin, Sound of Music, Annie, Oklahoma, Music Man, Man of La Mancha and South Pacific are among the musicals I love. So I have such a massive love of musicals.


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