Skylar Astin: Ep. 78

Courtesy Instagram/SkylarAstin

He’s the biggest guest in show history and talking about a lot more than Pitch Perfect. Skylar Astin shares how he was guilted into doing the pod (2:45), the only times he doesn’t like taking pictures with fans (9:17), when he knew acting was his meal ticket (18:45), what’s most fun between theater/TV/movies (28:12), breaking his own golden rule to meet Anna Camp (35:44), and if Anna watches WWE with him (42:22). Then the guys trade their drunkest stories (52:43) and Skylar answers the Fun Five (57:51).

Listen and you’ll learn fun facts like the first wedding Skylar ever attended was “Macho Man” Randy Savage to Miss Elizabeth.

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Music for The Mike Janela Show provided by Grapes’ “I Dunno.” Definitely check his work out here.

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