I’m Pulling Extra Hard for Two People These Olympics

I love the Olympics. I remember watching them for the first time on TV for Barcelona ’92. I interned for NBC at the winter Torino Games in ’06. I even took a “History of the Olympics” course in college.

So I’m stoked to be watching all the coverage coming out of PyeongChang this winter. But I’m pulling for two athletes in particular.

Guess what: I’m pulling for them because I got to interview them. I know – huge surprise. Personal biases aside, bobsledder Jamie Greubel Poser and figure skater Karen Chen were both gracious, down-to-earth, and up for any crazy segment idea we drew up when I got to interview them leading up to the Olympics.

We tossed Jamie the idea of working with me to make a two-person bobsled banana split.

The idea sounded a lot better on paper (jump ahead to the 38:35 mark).

She’s an awesome driver.

I’m a terrible brakeman.

We got to eat ice cream in the end so who really cares?

When I met Karen, we talked a lot about all the struggles she’s overcome and the place she could occupy in U.S. figure skating history. We also turned the tables on her and sat her behind the judging podium to score me on my hosting (jump to the 35:45 mark).

Can’t believe she actually gave me a 7.6 for one of my scores lol. Harsh. Still medaled though. Even if it was plastic. Even if I bought it myself. Whatever. Not here for your shade.

Despite that, here’s hoping Karen and Jamie both come home with a medal slightly bigger than mine around their necks.

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