Mike and the Monster Croc Wrangler

Recently got to shoot a few segments with NatGeo Wild’s Monster Croc Wrangler himself, Matt Wright. He’s taller, handsomer, Australianer, and a lot more chill around alligators than me. Take a look at all the animals from Down Under he introduced me to.

First there was the gator you saw above. Jump ahead to around 22:45 to see how it went down. Also to see how Matt had no idea what I was talking about when I said “If you ain’t gator, you’re gator bait!

Then there was something called a woma python. Not venomous, but I did find something out after we taped this. Matt doesn’t bring his own animals (hard to throw gators and pythons in your carry-on flying Qantas, I guess) when he does talk show appearances. So a local group provided the animals for our segments; Matt had never met these particular ones before. Their handlers let us know that this specific snake has a habit of biting people handling it for the first time. FUN. Watch this back (around 17:15) and notice how it started trying to sneak between the buttons of my shirt. Indy was right.

Did you know a wallaby can kick strongly enough to shatter a human femur? Strongest bone in the body. These dudes are cute and furry, but they don’t f**k around (fast forward to 28:10).

And if you’re more into skybound animals, check out one of both the largest and loudest cockatoos in the world. Plus a baby sugar glider who’s obsessed with eating yogurt. Or, yoghurt, if you speak Australian (31:30 mark).

Gator was my favorite, snake creeped me out the most, and, in case you’re curious, I did wash my hands after every segment.

What do you think?

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