Mike in a Minute: The Emmys Still Matter

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Courtesy: TelevisionAcad/Instagram

In a world of cord cutting, the Emmys still matter…at least to me.

Welcome to Mike in a Minute. I give my take on something I care about that happens in the news. Original! The catch is, it won’t take you longer than a minute to read. I keep the maximum word count per post (not including this explainer) at 300 – the number an average adult reads per minute, according to Forbes according to Staples. Today’s topic: the Emmys.

I didn’t watch the Emmys this year. Who did? Having cut the cord on my cable subscription more than a year ago – and not being able to use a digital antenna because I live on the basement floor of my condo – I couldn’t see the network broadcast.

Too lazy to search for a way to watch it digitally and too indifferent to seek out an illegal internet stream, I caught up on a few episodes of The Defenders on Netflix instead (favorite main character power rankings: Luke, Jessica, Matt, Iron Fist).

Still, despite not caring enough to watch them, turns out the Emmys oddly still influence my TV consumption. Maybe it’s the “old millennial” in me. For me, keeping up with the winners on Twitter helped me justify my existing viewer habits. Turns out, I wasn’t alone.

Seeing Donald Glover win twice for Atlanta made me feel like the kid who knew about The Beatles before they played Ed Sullivan. Reading how Veep cleaned up justified the amount of time I’ve dedicated to Selina Meyer and staff. Learning the Master of None Thanksgiving episode won Lena Waithe a writing trophy felt like hugging someone else who loved watching that episode for the first time as much as I did when I binged the whole series opening weekend.

But I also felt like I missed out. I haven’t seen The Handmaid’s Tale. Friends have repeatedly told me I should, and I’ve thought about it. But after seeing the show rampage through the Emmys, I now feel compelled. And I’ll start my binge tonight. Hell, I might even give Big Little Lies a shot, and I previously had zero interest in that one.

So yeah, I may not watch the Emmys anymore. But even in 2017, I certainly still see them.

What do you think?

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