Mike in a Minute: Sergio Dipp

Sergio Dipp

Ever want to say something with a little more depth than a Twitter post, but not as intense as a full column? I do. So welcome to Mike in a Minute.

The concept of this thing is: I’ll occasionally give my take on something I care about that happens in the news. Original! The catch is, it won’t take you longer than a minute to read. Guaranteed.

I’ll do this by keeping the maximum word count per post at 300 – the number an average adult reads per minute, according to Forbes according to Staples.

Posts will cover things that interest me: sports, pop culture, media, entertainment. If you’re looking for a political hot take, this is the wrong part of the internet. That said, I wanted to address ESPN’s Sergio Dipp situation this week. Considering it’s four days later and I’ve already used 153 words in this post, we’re not off to a great start.

As a fellow broadcaster, my thoughts on Dipp: ESPN shouldn’t have put him in a position to struggle in the first place. As accomplished as Dipp is covering sports in Spanish, thrusting him into such a highly scrutinized Monday Night Football role probably didn’t serve his best interests.

Regardless, you can debate whether ESPN should’ve placed someone for whom English is a second language in that spot to begin with. Where they really did him no favors, though, was not going back to him for more hits. That’s where Dipp could’ve delivered more reports and turned self-deprecating to control the narrative.

In his later tweet about Googling how to handle fame, Sergio showed he doesn’t mind self-deprecation. The sooner you can get to that point in a situation like this, the better. Just a shame he had to be put in this situation to begin with.

What do you think?

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