Gold Medals, Kittens, and Comedy

Time for a little round-up of what I’ve been up to lately! A lot has gone down the last couple weeks, including getting to meet Olympic gold medalist Laurie Hernandez, playing with some kittens from Hannah “The Kitten Lady” Shaw, and learning about life on tour with comedian Steve Hofstetter.

Check it out!

I love, love, love the Olympics, so when I had the chance to guest host The Daily Glow on the same day Rio 2016 gymnast Laurie Hernandez stopped by, I vaulted (sorry) at the chance.

I doubt Laurie will actually take me to prom but, hey, the offer still handstands (sorry again, that was worse).

Meanwhile, here’s the story of Hannah Shaw, aka The Kitten Lady, who rescues kittens unable to even eat by themselves. She nurses them, raises them, and then helps them find adoptive parents. If you have an idea of what a “cat lady” looks like, the inspirational Hannah with her energy and tattoos will throw that stereotype on its head.

And my buddy Steve Hofstetter also came through New York recently. Had to take the chance to get him on my show and talk about his impressive and exhausting Your Tour: if you guarantee 50 tickets sold, he will perform literally anywhere you want.

As always, follow me on social media to see everything as it happens: here’s my Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook, so handspring into action (that was indefensible. This post needs to end).

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