My First Month at LittleThings

So it’s been an exciting start hosting at LittleThings and, now that I’ve been there a few weeks, figured it was time to share some highlights from my first month on the job.

From animals trying to bite me, to my AcroYoga debut, to holding a pushup contest against myself, here’s a look at some of the cool stuff you might’ve missed.

Once a week, I’ve had the chance to welcome some amazing animals to my show WildLives. Here’s my favorite episode yet: we had not only a penguin, but a baby leopard AND a cheetah in studio! While the leopard tried me for lunch, thankfully the episode went off without me losing a hand.

Another highlight was me being so inspired by an athletic 10-year-old girl winning a push-up contest that I decided to see how many I could do live on the air. Head to the 32:00 mark in the video below to watch me almost pop a vein from exertion. And enjoy the amazing pun at the 15:30 mark on the house.

That wasn’t the only physical activity I’ve tried on a show, though. I’d never heard of AcroYoga before meeting Sylvie Curci. Next thing you know (at the 11:45 mark), she’s got me lifting her up and afraid I might drop her the wrong way and send her to the hospital.

And, of course, I couldn’t write this without including my dad. We shot a live Father’s Day episode and my producer not only wrangled up a bunch of photos of Dad and me over the years, but also got him to call in live to the show. Check it out at 22:48.

And that’s just a taste of the fun I’ve had so far. Make sure to check out the LittleThings archives for more or to enjoy the shows as they happen live on their Facebook page. Thanks for watching!