Reacting to WWE Money in the Bank


In addition to hosting The Mike Janela Show, I also co-host a weekly pro wrestling podcast with my partner Betsy Struxness. Normally we focus on the company’s most divisive superstar, Roman Reigns. But this week — after WWE made the egregious mistake of allowing a male character decide its historic and first-ever women’s Money in the Bank ladder match — we spent the bulk of our episode talking about much more serious issues: equality for the sexes; our country’s political climate; the drawbacks of capitalism; and even American national identity. All this from a “fake” sport!

As a rarity in the pro wrestling world – that is, an adult female fan – Betsy brought a ton of perspective to this episode that I was so thrilled to simply be able to hear. And I felt an extra need to share it. Whether you love wrestling or have never watched a match in your life, I hope and think you’ll find our conversation illuminating and enriching, particularly for our times.

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