Wrestlemania 33 Recap

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As a huge wrestling fan (see here, here, here), I’d never had the chance to go to a Wrestlemania before. That all changed with Wrestlemania 33 in Orlando, where I not only attended the “Showcase of the Immortals,” but also went to NXT Takeover, saw a Jim Ross panel with Mick Foley, Bruce Prichard, and Jim Cornette, AND attended the Monday Night Raw after ‘Mania.

And man did I have a lot of thoughts on all of it.

To save you the trouble of having to read – since who does that anymore? – you can check out all my thoughts on two podcasts I recorded the week after Wrestlemania.

One strictly broke down everything that WWE’s most polarizing superstar did at the festivities. From definitively beating The Undertaker to standing in silence under more than 5 minutes of boos and R-rated chants, Roman Reigns gave my podcast partner Betsy Struxness and I plenty to talk about on what it all meant for The Guy on our show, Believe That.

Then, on a bonus episode of Believe That, the guy who went to Wrestlemania with me – Bobby Kruger – came on to recap all the craziness of the weekend. We’ve got crowd observations, travel woes, and the story of one Uber driver who still thinks pro wrestling is real.

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