Check Out My New Wrestling Podcast: “Believe That”

Believe That

I absolutely love pro wrestling, and I’m not ashamed to admit I dedicate anywhere from 5-10 hours a week watching it in some way.

Well now, with a very successful Broadway performer and fellow fan as co-host, I’m proud to announce my latest project: a weekly wrestling podcast focusing entirely on one performer – WWE’s Roman Reigns.

Adored by his fans and vilified by his detractors, Reigns is the most polarizing superstar in WWE today, always orbiting the main event spotlight. Once a week, co-host Betsy Struxness and I will break down everything about Reigns’ week. That includes his in-ring work, performance on the mic, current storylines, and anything that happens outside the ring. Here’s our first episode.

I’ve worked for Guinness World Records and the San Diego Padres. She’s appeared in Hamilton (heard of it?), Wicked, Louie, and Broad City. Roman Reigns is the man who brings us together. Believe that.

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