Going to the Big Leagues!

Have some exciting news to share and, well, I’ll let the San Diego Padres take it away:

Screen Shot 2016-02-09 at 11.58.19 AM

I am very happy to announce I’m taking over as the new host of Padres Social Hour: a live, interactive one-hour conversation every Padres gameday. For where you can watch and listen, and to find out more about the show, visit Padres.com/socialhour

It’s always been a dream of mine to make it to The Show. When I was a Little Leaguer, it was to play second base, but this is as good a call-up as any! Should be a great season talking about Padres baseball out West. Make sure to keep up with me on Twitter and Instagram, both @mikejanela. This should be fun!

One thought on “Going to the Big Leagues!

  1. Hi Mike….would love to hear a brief discussion on my contention that all pitchers’ stats are wrong because they are based on 9 innings. However, they realty only pitch 9 half innings so a complete game =4.5. Another way to look at it. After one inning two pitchers get data totaling 2 but game only played one. So those you are called a workhorse 200 plus innings yr are really just ponies pitching 100
    Thanks for listening. Love the show and think you were a perfect choice.


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