Talent developer Barbara Barna Abel (Pt. 1): Ep. 22


Barbara Barna Abel discovered Adam Richman, Carson Kressley, and Clinton Kelly. In a two-part podcast, she talks about how she finds and develops talent, the biggest mistake people breaking into entertainment make, how she had to pass on a young Matt Lauer, and what’s that about RuPaul wearings wings at the VH1 Fashion Awards?

Check out Part 1 here.

Update: here’s Part 2.

Find out more about Barbara on Twitter, Instagram, and her company website Abel Intermedia.

Make sure to download, review, and subscribe to the pod on iTunes right here or to download and play at my Podomatic site.

OR to listen on Stitcher!

Music for The Mike Janela Show provided by Grapes’ “I Dunno.” Definitely check his work out here.

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