Fun New Project!

My Rock impression
My best Rock impression

So here’s a fun little announcement. I’ve jumped on as a host and producer for a pretty cool new YouTube channel, “80Twelve.” Keep reading after the jump to find out more and see some of the early work.

With 80Twelve, we’re trying to talk about the cool stuff everybody wants to talk about, three times a day. It’s the crossroads of sports, entertainment, and pop culture aimed at anybody who loves Saved by the Bell, Steph Curry, or happy hours. If you click on the picture up there or on this link, you’ll get to see one of our videos: me picking the 5 WWE wrestlers that would do the best job keeping me safe in an apocalypse.

Here’s a cool feature we’ll have every Friday wrapping up some of the funnier stories of the week. If you don’t laugh, I’ll give you your money back.

And I’ll be helping produce a whole cast of awesome and talented people, like Christina Thompson.

So, lots more of 80Twelve to come. But do your buddy here a favor and subscribe to the channel! Hope you dig it.

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